General Information
Finance Director
Jason Tomko, CPA, CGMA
Assistant Finance Director
Jessica Flynn
Real Estate and Per Capita Tax Collector
Joan Rodgers-Totin
Deputy Real Estate and Per Capita Tax Collector
Jessica L Medvec
Phone Numbers
(724) 983-3208
Emergencies: Dial 911
155 W Connelly Blvd

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Finance and Real Estate & Per Capita Taxes

Finance and Real Estate & Per Capita Taxes Department 

The City of Sharon's Finance office is the main financial services & reporting location for the City. 

The functions of the Finance office include: 

  • Establishing and maintaining an accounting and financial management system designed to accurately reflect the assets, liabilities, receipts, and expenditures of the City and the collection, custody, investment, and disbursement of all City funds
  • Ensure entries are on the modified accrual basis of accounting
  • Collection and receipt of all taxes levied by the City, County, and School District or any other authority empowered to levy taxes upon persons and property within the City
  • Keep and maintain all accounts of the City
  • Payment of bills that have been approved by Council in the budget and signed off by the department head
  • Notify department heads when they are near their budget total
  • Monthly reports to department heads
  • Audit/examine all accounts of the City as directed by Council
  • Manage all audits that the City incurs (Pension, liquid fuels, local/project audits, etc.)
  • Ensure City is in compliance with all grant agreements
  • Properly close out the grants
  • Prepare budgets for all of the City accounts
  • Oversee timeliness of payroll as well as authorizing its release
  • Establishing strong internal controls
  • Monthly reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • Make recommendation to Council upon approval from City Manager on all revenue generating items concerning increases/decreases in taxes, fees, etc.
  • Ensure City bids in accordance with the Home Rule Charter/Procurement policy
  • Ensure City has proper documentation for all revenues received
  • Look for cost saving for City and Authority
  • Look for grants/other ways to increase revenue without putting cost on citizens

Real Estate or Per Capita tax questions should be directed to:
City of Sharon Tax Office
155 West Connelly Boulevard
Sharon, PA 16146
724-983-3208      City Real Estate Tax Rate: 29.51 mills

Wage Tax Forms should be mailed to:
3608 West 26th Street
Suite 202
Erie, PA 16506
1-800-383-4870 or 724-347-7607     

Earned Income Tax: 2.25% - Residents; 1% - Nonresidents
Local Services Tax - $52.00 annually

Questions about State or Federal Taxes should be directed to either Pennsylvania Department of Revenue or Internal Revenue Service; Questions about Local Taxes or Local Services Tax (LST) should be directed to Berkheimer