Overweight Permit

Oversize/Overweight Permit 

The proper City officials are hereby authorized to issue overweight permits for vehicles operating within the City, in accordance with the provisions of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S.A. 4968 and 75 Pa. C.S.A. 4961, as amended. City officials may issue permits at a single instance, or for multiple usages by an identified vehicle during a twelve-month period. A fee of forty-three dollars ($43.00) if said oversized vehicle is less than or equal to 14 feet wide and ninety-three dollars ($93.00) if said vehicle is greater than 14 feet wide shall be collected for each single instance permit issued, unless, a permit is requested for a calendar year, in which case the fee shall be determined by the finance director based on the estimated number of trips to be completed during the year per each vehicle route permitted. Council may, by resolution, amend the fee to be charged for the permit or permits, provided, however, that any such amendment shall not affect permits issued prior to the effective date of that amending resolution.

(Ord. 7-95. Passed 5-25-95; Ord. 14-03.  Passed 10-16-03; Ord 01-2024 Passed 4-3-2024.):

In Person: 155 W Connelly Blvd Sharon, PA 16146

Fax: 724-983-1961

E-mail:  kpeterson@cityofsharon.net

The applicant must provide payment either by going to the office at the address above or mailing a check. The permit application will not be issued until the payment for the full amount of the permit has been approved. 

Overweight Permit Application